The best way to protect and hide your firearms is by wrapping them up with a Beartooth products camo guns cover. These gun covers are specially designed and produced with premium quality neoprene material that provides a snug fit, adds extra comfort, and conceals your gun when you are hunting. Here is brief description of the features and benefits of various types of Beartooth camo gun kits, arranged by camo pattern and the number of pieces per kit.

Beartooth Camo Guns Cover

Camo Patterns
Beartooth uses various camo patterns on gun covers. These patterns have been carefully selected to provide concealment for guns in different kinds of terrains. The following patterns are among the most popular ones used to hunt game.

1. RealTree Max-4: RealTree is very effective for hunting in the open terrain. This pattern has a unique combination of plant life including limbs of cedar and oak, maple and oak leaves, dead sunflowers, corn stalks, and millet. Thus, it blends into grasslands, marshes, croplands and the canopy of a treetop. RealTree camo covers are suitable for hunting turkey, water-fowls and deer.

2. Mossy Oak Brush: This pattern provides effective concealment in vast farmlands, mountain foothills and in the open rangelands. With its distinct mix of natural brush elements, dirt, grasses and subtle shadows, this oak brush design is ideal for hunting deer, western big game and other wildlife species. In fact, this camo pattern helps to conceal your weapon in places where you cannot easily find cover.

3. Mossy Oak Break-up: This famous camo design consists of layers of limbs, leaves and branches laid out on dark bold shadows. It is effective in virtually all kinds of terrain including open country, woodland and grassland. Mossy Oak Break up shields your weapon effectively whether you are very far or close to your target.

Cover Pieces
Beartooth camo gun covers are designed in 2-piece and 3-piece camo kits to fit various sizes of ammunition perfectly and meet the needs of different gun users. Two-piece kits are ideal for smaller guns while three-piece kits are available for longer ammunition.

1. Two-piece Kit: The two-piece kit is suitable for protecting various models of shot-guns. This Beartooth camo guns cover is made of heavy-duty neoprene material, which is tear-resistant. The internal lining has a shark-tooth pattern that grips the gun firmly and prevents slipping. It also weather-resistant, so you can use it conveniently in a hot or cold climate.

2. Three-piece Kit: The three-piece kit is designed to protect rifles, and other types of guns including pump shot-gun and semi auto shot-gun. The stock guard, fore-grip guard and barrel guard are available in standard and custom sizes for virtually all kinds of gun models. It is made of strong neoprene material that resists wear and provides superior firmness and comfort. With its premium quality reinforced stitching and durability, this kit is an excellent choice for anyone who uses a rifle for game hunting. It does not stretch, slide or slip and it is easy to put on and remove.

Protecting your gun with a Beartooth camo guns cover will enable you to hide your ammunition and take up any position you want for effective shooting. These camo gun covers will grip your gun perfectly without any stretching or slipping and they do not leave any sticky residue when you pull them off.